Monday , March 25 2019

Visa H1-B Bill Reintroduced to the US Congress

A bill supporting key changes in the H1-B program that allows skilled workers from countries like India to fill high-tech positions in the US has been reintroduced to the US Congress by two legislators who say it Will help remove the work Abuse visa.

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The bill among other things increase the minimum salary of H-1B visa to USD 100,000 per annum and eliminate the Masters Degree exemption.

The US Job Protection and Growth Act dramatically changes the eligibility requirements for H1-B visa exemptions was restored yesterday by Republicans Darrell Issa and Scott Peters, both of whom are from California.

The bill, among other things, increase the minimum visa wage H1-B to USD 100,000 per year and eliminate the exemption from mastery. Legislation, he argued, will help curb abuses and ensure that these jobs remain available to the best and brightest talent in the world.

The bill comes after a number of companies – Disney, SoCal Edison and others – have been under fire to abuse the Visa H1-B program to replace American workers with foreign workers. “In order for America to succeed, we must ensure that we can retain the best and brightest talent in the world.” At the same time, we must also ensure that programs are not abused, Outsourcing and hiring low-cost foreign workers to replace US workers, “said Issa.

“The law we are presenting today does both. It will ensure that our highly skilled, highly skilled jobs are used by companies when positions can not be filled by the existing workforce, “said Issa. By increasing the salary to a more in line level With the average US salary for these positions it would help reduce the abuses by removing the incentive for profit and ensuring these positions remain available to the companies that really need them.

“Combating the abuse of the H1-B system will protect jobs in the United States and help ensure that visas are available for innovators who need it to maintain a competitive workforce,” said Peters. “This bipartisan bill is one of the very necessary upgrades to our highly qualified visa system in order to level the playing field and prevent companies from taking advantage of the system for offshore jobs,” said deputy.

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Both legislators argued that the legislation would reduce abuses by eliminating the exemption from control, which has been abused that foreign workers seeking H1-B visas have increasingly sought and obtained certificates of poor quality To meet the requirements of an exemption to qualify H1-B, Positions open to highly qualified positions that companies can not fill at the national level.

The bill had faced opposition last year in Congress. The overhaul of immigration is a fundamental principle of President Donald Trump’s desire to encourage businesses to invest and hire more in the United States. Trump has listed immigration reform among five executive actions he plans to take his first day at the office. This involves asking the Ministry of Labor to investigate “any abuse of the visa programs that undermine the American worker.

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Visa H1-B Bill Reintroduced to the US Congress
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