Friday , September 30 2016

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Kangana: A Girl Character is not about the Length of Her Trousers or Skirt


Kangana Ranaut feels that women are taking over different roles in the film industry is a tremendous mark of women empowerment. Mumbai: Bollywood leading actress Kangana Ranaut says in the present day women are seen pleasing over diverse roles in the film industry and she feels this is a symbol of ...

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Twitter might Open Door to People’s Thoughts on Heart Health


Twitter might be opulent vein researchers, can source for data on what people consider and say about cardiovascular illness, according to a fresh study. The investigation team defines their own drop into the social networking creek, where they found that they can see what persons were speaking about, who was ...

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Ideal Diet for Babies

Diet plays a major role in every individual from infant age to old age. Suggestion in favor of feeding infants peanuts and eggs endures to accumulate. The newest study, available in the Journal of the American Medical Association, supports the notion that small, initial doses of normal food diet triggers ...

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