Tuesday , March 19 2019

Telangana Govt plans hefty fine for building deviation

Telangana government is scheduling to levy 100 percent penalty on the current property tax if the building is completely unauthorized.


Hyderabad: The government is suggesting a heavy “penalty property tax” on illegal buildings and those with deviances. The municipal administration department is giving the closing touches to the new law which will be out quickly.

The government is scheduling to levy 100 percent fine on the current property tax if the building is completely unauthorized, 25 percent if deviance is beyond 10 percent, 50 percent if its above 25 percent.

“We had the Building Regularization Scheme and Layout Regularization Scheme. We have destroyed scores of constructions yet illegal constructions endure run into lakhs in the city and the remaining of the state. This is one more move to check illegal constructions,” a top authorized said on Monday.

Requested why the administration doesn’t make it obligatory for building proprietors to have insurance cover for constructions to evade loss to buyer, another authorized said, “Insurance is not mandatory. Then, insurance companies insure only those constructions which are lawful.”

Quoting an example, he told, “If the property tax put on an illegal portion is 1,000, it will be bent to Rs 2,000. The fine will be in three or more groups. This is separately from other penal activities counting demolition.”

He said individuals should buy property which has pure title and leaflets, and GHMC and other consents.

“They can plaid for consents with the GHMC circle office and take the assistance of a legal proficient,” the official said.

The government had collected a small property tax of Rs 101 on those paying property tax of Rs 1,200, but go through it after the polls. The firm is rationalising property tax of closely 12 lakh residential buildings in the city, imposing residential tax for residences and commercial property tax for marketable ones. It has recognized 1.10 lakh commercial property owners who have been giving residential property tax.


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