Tuesday , April 23 2019

Shah Rukh Khan: I have always loved women who belong to other men

Shah Rukh Khan claims to discern all the sides of love and confesses to falling for committed women.


Mumbai: SRK has a trick up his sleeve to remain way in advance of his generations in this commercial of showbiz- contagious appeal. Shah Rukh Khan discerns his wit and appeal always works on us and possibly that is the motive why he plays these two cards in each interview parting us wanting for more.

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So while Anupama Chopra goes to SRK in Lisbon for her new reality show Beneath the surface, the ever-active star drizzled his heart out to her as he ‘certainly not lies in conferences’.

While Chopra asked him if his comprehending of love and its depiction in Hindi movies has altered in past 25 years, King Khan immodestly self-confessed to falling in love with females who are taken but cheers to his inborn charm and gosh, he triumphs them over.

“To start with, I have made a skill and career out of loving females who are going to get wedded to somebody or already wedded or are engaged and I ride after them and I catch them from everywhere they are from any crook now and then with charm, from time to time with goodness, occasionally I throw them off the building. But yeah I am having a problem (giggles)…I have accepted it, it is difficult and it’s chronic. The solitary solution is to retain doing it again and again..,” said SRK.

Speaking about love, SRK, at the danger of sounding ‘arrogant and knowing’, appealed to know all the sides of love.

“I know all façades of love…yet strange it might sound me saying it… you might find out a person who discerns all the hypotheses …you might find a person who discerns all the dramas of Shakespeare and you will find somebody who has all the acquaintance about movies and I am like that…I am attractive not only physical but in a diverse way, I am fickle, I am amiable, I make you spark, I make you miserable, I abolish you, I distress you, I make longing for you, I make belonging to you…I could throw finest thing that occurred to you. I could be the preeminent thing that ensued to you…so I honestly am like that and I trust in love like that. I am acquainted with Love very well,” clarified SRK.

Yes Shah Rukh, we all identify that you are delightfully erratic and agree that you have demolished us all with your appeal and wit.


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