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Priyanka Chopra talks tough on wage gap

Priyanka Chopra was talking to proficient website LinkedIn, for which she is just been publicized an influencer.


Priyanka Chopra has turned out to be the hottest Bollywood actress to fire a torrent contrary to the wage gap that occurs not just in the Indian film industry, but also in companies. “Someway professional guys are given more pay and compensation than females are,” she said in a conference. “As a lady, I don’t comprehend it, but that’s the world we live in.”

Though, she was fast to add that in Bollywood, lady actors will begin making as much currency as their male counterparts, merely if the audiences admit their solo pictures well. “I don’t wish to take away from the male actors who really bring the viewers in,” she declared. “So, once you have Salman or Aamir on the poster, they mark 300 crores. But cinemas with lady leads merely do not make that sort of currency. The day womanly lead movies make or knack that much money, we will mark that much too. Then for that to occur, the audience wants to watch a show since it’s got a great story and not just as a particular star is in it.”

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Priyanka was speaking to proficient website LinkedIn, for which she has just been proclaimed an influencer. The heroine also talks about her home productions, Purple Pebble Pictures, and its Marathi debut picture, Ventilator.

“I sought to create a production house that not simply to encourage new talent but also gives thoughtfulness to storytelling,” she clarified. “Hence my choices of doing regional movies like Bhojpuri and Marathi. A Punjabi movie is also on the floors. I choose the scripts in my business. If my name is on it, I want myself to be on board with it productively.”

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