Sunday , March 24 2019

Microsoft and Toyota sign Patent Deal for Connected Cars

Microsoft declared a patent licensing agreement with Toyota for building internet-connected car technologies. 


On Wednesday, Microsoft Corp. has agreed to provide the license to Toyota Motor Corp for accessing a batch of its patents. This was indeed a part of the Tech giant’s effort to leverage its immense intellectual-property portfolio and establish its potential in connected-car technology. Microsoft has been peddling Azure to car makers for their internet connected cars.

The tech giant holds many such patents that include car operating systems, Wi-Fi, motion sensors, voice recognition, and navigation. With the advent of the newest technological advancements in Automobiles, the Cars are transforming into computers with wheels. Microsoft and other tech companies like Intel, Google, Qualcomm, and NXP would not like to miss the opportunity.


The company’s patents for connected cars comprise of tools to store and transfer files, cyber security, and artificial intelligence which can make the driving experience more comfortable and personalized.

The high-tech facilities in the Car would predict the right time when your car needs the maintenance which helps the drivers to fix the cars before a break down on the road. The car drivers can utilize the intended routes based on their calendars along with personalized entertainment.

Microsoft is striving hard to persuade car makers across the globe to build connected-car services on top of its Azure cloud-computing service. The company declared in a blog post and video that it has signed a deal with a renowned Car maker and has also highlighted the navigation, predictive maintenance, entertainment, and voice recognition features of Azure on its blog.

Toyota is the first automobile company to get access to Microsoft patent licenses, Microsoft has also worked with automaker companies like BMW, Harman, Ford, Nissan, and Volvo for years. Volvo also declared that it will integrate Skype for business in its 90 Series cars. And Nissan is all set to use Microsoft’s connected vehicle platform which is built using the Azure cloud.

Both the companies didn’t reveal the details of the licensed patents or any fees Toyota is paying to use the technology.

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