Monday , January 21 2019

India rejects Pak’s reference to women’s condition in Kashmir

PM Nawaz Sharif’s Special Ambassador on Kashmir stated thousands of women have tumbled victims to brutal harassment and occupation


UN: Not guilty Indian women have writhed for long due to the tenacious terrorist acts executed by “proxies of Pakistan”, India has stated as it sturdily forbidden references by Islamabad to circumstances of women in Kashmir.

Counselor Mayank Joshi in India’s Permanent Mission to the UN’s “completely” rejected the “unjustified allegations” made by Pakistan about women in Jammu and Kashmir, stating “in fact” it is the guiltless Indian women who have for “long suffered due to the stubborn terrorist acts committed by proxies of Pakistan.”

Joshi exercised India’s Right of Reply after PM Nawaz Sharif’s Special Ambassador on Kashmir Shezra Mansab Ali Khan referred to the conditions of women in Kashmir during an October 11 session on ‘Advancement of Women’ in the General Assembly’s 3rd Committee, which focuses on social and humanitarian concerns.

Khan stated armed conflict and illegal occupation stresses the plight of women.

Citing the situation in Kashmir, she stated “thousands of women have tumbled victims to brutal harassment and occupation. Countless others have suffered rape and sexual abuse, the worst and most painful form of violence.”

Joshi stated it is “ironical” that a country that has “institutionalized the oppression” of women in its society including through “medieval draconian laws is making claims about the rights of women in a multicultural democracy such as India.”

He stated Pakistan will be well served to “seriously examine” what ails its women and hampers their advancement.

Pakistan has been constantly raising the Kashmir dispute at various platforms in the United Nations, including in the General Assembly and its various committees that deal with various issues such as demobilization and decolonization.

Joshi asserted that India will not respond to the “lies and deceit” Pakistan has been resorting to at the world body to pursue diplomacy of “hate”.

“We are alert of Pakistan’s pessimistic attempts to pursue discretion of hate through lies and deceit. We do not intend to further respond to such foolish and futile efforts,” he stated.

A Pakistani officer however again took the floor to exercise the Right of Reply to Joshi’s remarks, stating no amount of “obfuscation” could hide the alleged human rights violations in Kashmir.

He stated Jammu & Kashmir was a “globally recognized” dispute and Pakistan rejected “any suggestions to equate the sincere struggles of the Kashmiri people with acts of terrorism.

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