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Google product killed in 2016: Google’s graveyard


Google New Nexus Phone could be a line of shopper electronic devices that run the android OS. Google manages the new nexus phone style, development, marketing, and support of those devices, however some development and every one manufacturing are carried out by associating with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). As of August 2016, the devices presently obtainable within the line are 2 smartphones, the New Nexus Phone 6P (made with Huawei) and New Nexus Phone 5X (made with LG).

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The New Nexus phone line has additionally enclosed tablets and streaming media players, though neither kind of device is presently obtainable. The foremost recent tablet was the Nexus nine (made with HTC), and also the most up-to-date streaming media player the Nexus Player (made with Asus).

Devices within the New Nexus phone line are thought-about Google’s flagship android product. They contain very little to no manufacturer or wireless carrier modifications to android (such as custom user interfaces), though devices sold through carriers are generally SIM latched and should bear some further branding. New Nexus Phone six devices sold through AT&T, for instance, are SIM latched and have a custom boot splash screen and a brand on the rear of the device, despite having otherwise identical hardware to the unlocked variant.

The Verizon Galaxy New Nexus Phone featured a Verizon emblem on the rear and received software updates at a gentler pace than the unlocked variant, though it featured completely different hardware to accommodate Verizon’s CDMA network.

All New Nexus Phone devices feature an unlock able bootloaderto enable additional development and end-user modification. New Nexus Phone devices are usually among the primary android devices to receive updates to the OS.

With the growth of the Google pixel product line in late 2016, Google declared that they “don’t need to shut a door utterly, however there’s no set up right away to try to do additional New Nexus Phone devices.

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Google product killed in 2016: Google’s graveyard
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