Tuesday , January 22 2019

Google turns Search into an app launcher

Google making the life of the users even more easier by its new app launcher which allows the users to access the information through “tappable shortcuts.”

The search giant engine Google is the first place where users go to search the information whatever they require whether it may be weather, a translation, nearby ATMs, restaurants, entertainment, and sports score.

Google Search

Now Google is making the life of the users even easier by rejigging its mobile app launcher. Where the user doesn’t need to type for the information what he is looking for, with the help of the app launcher. Google is calling the feature as “tappable shortcuts” to web apps like translate, coin flip, and even a level too.

There are a ton of these sections– which are divided into categories like entertainment or travel – that include the usual search inquiries as well as some oddballs. Some of the sections are:

• Weather
• Translate
• Do a barrel roll
• News
• TV Shows
• Tic Tac Toe
• Animal Sounds
• Restaurant suggestions
• Nearby ATMs
• Solitaire
• Flip a coin
• Emails
• Book a hotel
• Sunset time

All the sections are not the new features they are tidbits Google has been adding over several years. Now, Google has decided its time to really show off all the things it can do.

Google tappable Shortcuts

The new app launcher is a fundamental shift in the way the user’s search. From the earlier, in Google, the search box has been the main source of interaction. Now the company is admitting there are better, more efficient ways of accessing the information the users care about.

Google ATMs section
The new app launcher makes the information on Google more discoverable. Over the years, Google has added too many features and it loves tweaking its mobile app to add additional features beyond regular search.

Google translate SEction

Google is competing against the world’s other greatest source of information Facebook. Google and Facebook are the direct competitors which have been increasing day-by-day. Things we use to turn to Google for, like news and restaurant reviews, are even increasingly getting from Facebook. The social media has even been adding weather tools, and its bots are essentially mini search networks themselves.

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