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“Establishing failed policy” provided only poverty: Donald Trump

Behind slightly behind in the polls against Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump claimed that he does well in a number of battleground states.

donald trump
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves at a campaign rally in Sterling Heights, Mich., Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, alleged that the “failed political establishment” has delivered as poverty at home and overseas disaster, since Donald Trump said it was time to reject media and political elite who have “bled” the country. “Our failed political establishment gave nothing more than poverty at home and overseas disaster. They become rich making poor America. It is time to reject a media and political elite that bled our country dry, “said Trump to supporters in Sarasota, Florida – one of his campaign stops Monday.
He repeated his arguments fence during a series of meetings throughout the day. “It’s finally time for us to fight for America. We will fight for America. I’m not a politician. My only special interest is you,” he has said in the middle of singing ” USA! UNITED STATES! USA! “From his supporters.
Behind a little behind in the polls against Hillary Clinton, Trump claimed that he does well in a number of battleground states and there is a rise of its support.c “We will win Michigan. We will win Minnesota. We are great in Ohio. We are leaders in Iowa. We are leading in New Hampshire. We are leading in North Carolina. We’re doing very well in Pennsylvania. All right.

Florida, he said, lost a job in four of its manufacturing jobs since NAFTA, an agreement signed by Bill Clinton and backed by Hillary Clinton. “America has lost, hard to believe, 70,000 factories since China entered the World Trade Organization, another Bill and Hillarybacked disaster.
We live the greatest job flight in the history of our world, “he said.
“Listen, no country has ever lost job like us. They are driven out of our country, companies leave, they pull everyone they go to Mexico and many other countries, “he added.
Trump said that if elected he would cancel billions and billions of dollars in global warming payments to the United Nations where those payments disappear. “We will use all that money to invest in infrastructure and we might even say the environmental infrastructure of our country.
“Remember this, remember this. When it comes to the environment because I get a lot of people environmental awards will not speak of this, that’s OK, he said.
“But we need absolutely clear water. We need a beautiful and pristine air. We need security and we need security. We give billions and billions of dollars, you can imagine that this takes money, “he said.
“We do not even know what is happening … We will create jobs and opportunities for African Americans and Hispanics who have been so badly failed.

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“We were lied to, they were deceived by the Democratic Party. They want their vote, give us your vote, thank you very much, see you in four years. That’s what happens, “he said.
Trump said he would stop illegal immigration, deport all foreign criminals and dismantle every last criminal gangs and cartels threatening cities. “They threaten our cities, they threaten our citizens, they will not be here very long, people.
They go out of here. We will also repeal the ObamaClinton defense receivership and rebuild our badly depleted army, “he said.
“We will also support our friends in Cuba in their struggle against oppression, oppression of the Castro regime. massive repression. We will demand political and religious freedom for the Cuban people and stay with our friends in Venezuela in their struggle even for liberty, we will stand, “he said.
The United States, he has said, must remain attached to the State of Israel in their fight against Islamic terrorism.
“Barack Obama was the worst thing that ever happened to Israel. The worst thing. The worst thing that ever happened in Israel. Barack Obama was a disaster for Israel.
“And believe me, the agreement with Iran which we have enriched them, we gave them a direct right to nuclear weapons. But we will work with Israel very carefully, very, very closely, “he said.

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“Establishing failed policy” provided only poverty: Donald Trump
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