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Choose the Right Domain Name

Domain Name is the most prominent thing that enhances business visibility online.


When choosing a domain name for your business, it’s significant to take in your complete brand strategy. Should you pick a name that defines what you do, or should you select a name that suits your company name?

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Domain names typically fall into one of these two buckets: Descriptive Domains and Brandable Domains.

As a small commercial owner, a mixture of the two is perhaps your best bet. Let us have a look at what this actually means to you.

Describe a Business

A descriptive domain name defines precisely what your company does or the content on your website.

What do you anticipate to find out at  How about

These are domain names that are self-explanatory, and you need to have a good idea of what is going to be on the websites.

Descriptive domain names need not be short, either. You know precisely the type of the business before you even visit its website.

The disadvantage of descriptive domains is that they can be harder to create an identity about.

Create a Brand Identity

A Brandable domain is one that doesn’t essentially tell people what type of business until they see it.

Google and eBay are examples of Brandable domains. They are just brands that don’t include any explanation of what their services are.

How Will People Find You?

As the keywords are built into the name, the type of descriptive domains makes them beneficial for marketing and even search engine optimization. Yet, it’s worth noticing that Google now punishes low-quality websites that took benefit of the search engine’s previous preference for domains that exactly complemented search terms.

Moreover, Brandable domain names make a great identity for your business but can sometimes be hard for users to remember. They won’t inevitably associate your company brand with your business products or services. That means you need to invest in education, outreach, and advertising to notify potential customers what you exactly do.

The profit is, once the brand really takes off, it can become a domestic name, and no one will puzzle it with a diverse company.

What’s the Best Choice for You?

In several cases, the finest bet is to integrate the best of both worlds in your domain.

You might come up with a Brandable name that invokes up an image of your business product or service or makes use of a descriptive domain name that embraces your brand.

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