Thursday , March 30 2017

Google Products News

Google Play Store adds a new ‘Free app of the week’ section

Google Play Store

Google Play store includes a new section ‘Free app of the week’ which highlights the weekly offers on popular apps. In the recent weeks, Google Play store has made a lot of new features including the one which allowed Programmers to display sales on their applications. The plays store also includes ...

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Google working on social photo app that allow the users to edit, share within groups

Google Working on Social Photo App that allow the users to edit, share within groups

Google planning to built a new social photo app that allows small groups of users to edit pictures together and organize them in multiple ways. Google is currently working on another app. The new app from Google is social photo app which let the users with tremendous options for photo ...

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How Lowe’s will be using AR and Google Tango technology, to help customers find products faster

lowesvisioninstorenavigationguide (1)

Smartphones have enabled with Google’s Tango are now being tested improve store navigation. Lowe’s will be introducing AR (augmented reality) in-store navigation that helps customers to search for products in its retail stores. In April, shoppers in two Lowe’s stores can now be able to use Google’s Tango AR app ...

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Google Hangouts is removing SMS function

Google Hangouts removing SMS function

Google is removing SMS feature  from its “Hangouts”in order to make it  a better Slack rival. Communication Platform of Google “Google Hangouts” which provides different features like video chat, SMS, VOIP and Instant Messaging.   Now, Google is removing the instant messaging feature which allows the users to send and receive ...

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Google to renew ad policies after boycott by UK, big brands

Google Ad Policies

Google to review its policies and said it would be making changes in the coming weeks to help customers stop their ads from appearing on objectionable websites or against offensive videos. Google has announced that it is going to change its advertising policies after major brands pulled advertisements from the ...

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Google’s fault update on its Drive for Windows Users

Google Drive error

The Google Drive for its Windows users Bork the software update, where the users are facing the issues while attempting to use the updated software. The Google Drive app for Windows has crashed and burned after the update of the app which turned out an unfinished and broken software update. ...

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