Thursday , April 27 2017

Technology News

Microsoft and LinkedIn Integrations for better sales and HR outcomes

Microsoft revealed that it will integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator with its own ERP and CRM business software, Dynamics 365. This will ensure that sales people get profitable outcomes. This integration of Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales Navigator will help sales people to use their professional networks and leverage it to ...

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Hyundai Mobile App Exposed Cars to high-tech Thieves


Hyundai had confirmed the bug’s presence and said it moved fast to fix the problem. Software susceptibilities in a Hyundai Corp application that permits a car to be started remotely made the firm’s vehicles liable to theft from high-tech thieves for 3 months before the corporation fixed the bug in ...

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Google testing the new feature “Copyless Paste” in Chrome for Android

Google testing the new feature “Copyless Paste” in in Chrome for Android

The first code of the Copyless Paste, which is meant to take the data from the Chrome usage and uses it to improve the experience in other apps. One of the most used commands of the Keyboard Shortcuts is Copy and Paste. It is the staple of modern technology era. ...

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Samsung to use Google Play Music as the Default Music player on its Smartphones

Google Play Music as default app in samsung devices

Samsung tied up with Google Play Music with the launch of new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus, where it is the default music player for the Samsung devices. Google Play Music teamed up with the largest Android Smartphone Maker, Samsung which makes it even easier and faster for the ...

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Choose the Right Domain Name


Domain Name is the most prominent thing that enhances business visibility online. When choosing a domain name for your business, it’s significant to take in your complete brand strategy. Should you pick a name that defines what you do, or should you select a name that suits your company name? ...

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