Tuesday , December 6 2016


Pahlaj Nihalani: Kahaani 2 handled sensitive issues maturely


Pahlaj Nihalani, also promises gales of change in the working of the board. The chief of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), Pahlaj Nihalani has a lot to glory about Sujoy Ghosh’s movie Kahaani 2, which was given a compassionate U/A certification in India, has been proficient with ‘15’ by ...

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Arjun Rampal: Kahaani 2 was worth it


Arjun Rampal says that he isn’t scared by the presence of Vidya Balan in the movie. Arjun Rampal, who had turned 44 previous week, is a concerned man. After his previous movie Rock On 2 facing demonetisation distresses, he’s nervous about his next movie release. “Kahaani 2 is also certain ...

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Salman Khan sips koffee with his brothers Arbaaz and Sohail


Salman Khan is going arrive on ‘Koffee With Karan’. Mumbai: In the last few weeks, we were swamped with numerous theories revolving Salman Khan arrival on ‘Koffee With Karan’. Even though a small section of the chatter mill sued Salman Khan will share Karan Johar’s  well-known couch with previous lover Katrina ...

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Aamir Khan: No Dangal promotion on Bigg Boss


Aamir Khan won’t individually promote Dangal movie on the sets of Bigg Boss, but in plans to host a exceptional screening for friend Salman Khan. Though controversies and spats often mount the three Khans of Bollywood town, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan have been recognized to mainly support each other’s ...

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Shilpa Shetty facepalm moment


Shilpa Shetty is not the first celeb to have a trivial moment on a public media. There are several others too. Shilpa Shetty was trolled for speaking that she felt George Orwell’s Animal Farm would be a great novel for her son for its pretty animals. She clearly had no ...

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Shibani Kashyap rocks it in Egypt


Shibani Kashyap, who was invited to perform at the yearly ‘Indian Egypt Festival‘, is speechless by the warmness and hospitality she got. The singer, who played four shows, speaks, “Egyptians seriously love Bollywood and those guys are in love with Shah Rukh Khan. Through the cities, I observed audience totally in tune ...

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Shilpa Shetty for thinking Animal Farm is a children’s book


Shilpa Shetty misunderstanding that the novel would teach children about animal welfare led to trollers having a field day. Mumbai: Currently celebrities have to consider twice before putting their views into words since they are being viewed closely by the world, cheers to the Internet. Left are the days when one ...

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Ranveer Singh: I want an island wedding


Ranveer singh has spoken about his dream wedding, pictures and more. Ranveer Singh is explosive. On his new visit to the capital, the dynamo was at his maddest, craziest and funniest self. He had spoken about his fantasy wedding, his perfect destination to suggest to his lady love, cinemas and ...

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