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Andhra Pradesh CM spreads red carpet for cyber security, Fintech firms

Andhra Pradesh CM spreads red carpet for cyber security, Fintech firms
Andhra Pradesh CM spreads red carpet for cyber security

Andhra Pradesh CM chandrababu naidu in order to boost the Fintech environment in the AP state and particular in Vizag, AP government on Thursday signed MoUs with as many as 10 companies dealing with education and knowledge distribution research and development of suitable man power in the financial technology sector on the inaugural day of the 2 day Spring Conference 2017 year.

chandrababu naidu spreads red carpet for cyber security

As per the report 4 more companies are going to sign agreements on the 2nd day of the event on Friday, special chief minister chief secretary and IT advisor and JA Chowdary inaugurated the event and MoU pamphlets were exchanged by the officials with the company legislatures in the evening as chief minister Chandrababu Naidu observed the entire proceedings through a video conference from Vijayawada city.

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Andhra Pradesh CM chandrababu naidu government signed pact with companies including Pearson, Paradigmit, Anthill, Hackerearth, Lattice80, F65, Hyderabad Angels, Forumsynergies, Zone Startups and Trade Land Finance Tech Consortium.

The Fintech Valley Spiral Conference is our step in joining the 4th Industrial Rebellion which is a spectacular combination of technology and Internet of Things. Demand for Fintech is growing each day and to meet this demand, we will need the support from Fintech and cyber security corporations and academic organizations to adapt the suitable curriculum to create man power, the chief minister said laying a red carpet for the new investors in the Fintech Valley in Vizag city.

Officials also highlighted the conducive environment the government has created for the investors reiterating the govt resolution to make the Port City as the financial capital of AP as part of the pacts the companies will develop academic curriculum provide tools for effective knowledge sharing and evolve trouble shooting mechanism to deal with the challenges in the area.

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