Wednesday , January 23 2019

YouTube Launches In-App Messaging Service 

YouTube in-app messaging will allow sharing and discussing videos. This messaging feature is only available in Canada.



YouTube has launched a promo of YouTube in-app messaging service on its Android and iOS applications and as of now, it is only accessible for users in Canada. The new in-app messaging service will let users to share video clips, links, text, and video also. Users in other areas can access the feature through invite. In May 2016, YouTube had clarified it was testing the feature with some users.

In a post on Google Canada’s website, there is a video where the recent feature as how this in-app messaging service works. You can share a video with many users, invite more users, and chat with them and even reply with other YouTube video links. Besides, there will be a ‘heart’ inside the chat box to express a like for a video or a text message. Videos will play inside the chat window, without customers having to leave it. “You can share and receive videos in the app, chat about them, reply with another video, invite others to the chat, and more.

The firm had concisely tested this feature in May 2016 without any additional details for its rollout. It was inhibited only for few users who were a part of YouTube’s testing procedure. This time it has only selected Canada for the rollout of this newest feature under a new Sharing tab. Google has declared that Canadians share about 15 percent additional videos than an average YouTube user, so it’s rational that they should see this feature earlier than everyone else.

But if you are not in Canada and yet are excited about using this feature, you might require an invitation from a friend who is already using this newest service. That could virtually happen if your friend lives in Canada, they add you to their chat, or share a video in this way. When you are added, you can share and chat with others also.

The notion behind the YouTube in-app messaging feature is to inspire users to stay within the YouTube app for sharing and discussing over a specific video, without having to switch between apps. The new in-app messaging feature is set to race with Facebook’s video service where you can like, comment, share, and reply to comments and even confidentially share video with others. This feature is live on YouTube’s Android and iOS app in Canada.

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