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Your Purchases, Your Invoice Using App

HYDERABAD: Have you been the victim of rabies? Have you ever had to get out of a store by leaving your wagon filled with annoyed products at the liquidation queue? You can soon skip waiting at invoice counters and get out of the store with your products, after paying for them of course!


All you need to do is download the iRetail app on your Android phones, log in, scan the products yourself and make cash payments or non-cash modes.

Amar S Revadi, director of xlogix, a Bengaluru-based company that developed this application, says, The anger of files was invented for when people jump files and others are angry by It … the application will soon be attached to dedicated meters, For cash payments.

But the team plans to indorse online transactions. “This saves a lot of time and also, the concept of change like 50 paise, is eliminated,” he said. “The idea is to complete the transactions as competently as possible.”

The customer will have greater control over the transaction. He may change the number of items he has purchased or cancel the product of the application, if he has changed his mind. Exchange of products also becomes easy with the paper copy of the invoice on the application which can be recalled at any time. The application also provides a video demonstration of the products. It also helps you take advantage of your loyalty points, both in terms of products and stores.

Shoplifting is a big issue, we had to find a solution for and redesign the product for, says Amar. “When there is a safety system, products can be re-labeled and packaged. In grocery stores, the floor manager can do scanning and ziplock purchases. The customer can then pay and leave. “

The company started in 2015. Amar said, “The idea developed by a necessity.” The wife of Deepak Kaushik, the other director, was a porter and she had to spend about an hour in a queue. For the future mother. “After returning home, she asked him why they can not do anything about it.”

As part of their market research, Deepak and Amar subsequently found themselves in queues at various hypermarkets, including Hypercity, the largest retail chain in the city with the largest number of invoice counters.

It was found that even on a Monday morning, when you expect fewer consumers, and for a low bill value, it took about 15 to 20 minutes to bill, pack and send an average of seven products. “It’s a huge amount of time a customer goes into a queue,” he said ensuring that using iRetail, “for every 10 minutes, one could save about three minutes.

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Time is money. Amar says, “Most people use two-wheeled or four-wheelers. At parking, you pay one hour to 55 minutes or two hours for 61 minutes. If you could save at least five minutes using this app, you can save on an average of Rs 20 for your two-wheeled parking or Rs 50 for four wheels.

Xlogix joins Health & Glow in Hyderabad in a few weeks, Amar explains. Discussions take place with stores and channels such as Crossword, Fabindia, Futura Group and Dabur Wellness.

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Your Purchases, Your Invoice Using App
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