Tuesday , March 19 2019

You are Likely to Survive a Car Crash If You Look Like This man

This shows just how hideously inadequate the human body is to bear the effects of a crash on the road.


Most of the people don’t have much of awareness about just how susceptible they are in a road accident. The Transport Accident Commission of Victoria, in Australia, has now familiarized ‘Graham’ in order to exhibit just how far the humanoid body would have to develop to endure the influence of a car crash.

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‘Graham’ is a figure that is constructed using fiberglass, resin, silicone, and human hair and is the construction of Melbourne sculptor Patricia Piccinini and even the hospital trauma physician Christian Kenfield to display how embarrassingly inadequate the humanoid body is to bear the effects of a crash on the road.

“The head has a much larger skull so it turns like a cycle helmet. Graham really has no neck; he won’t have a cervical spine that can be broken in whiplash damage. These ribs are super ribs gripping much more of the power,” Kenfield said to the Daily Mirror.

Guests to the State Library of Victoria can form out ‘Graham’ till August 8th and will even be competent to learn more about his exceptional physiological features with the aid of immersive amplified reality skill.

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