Tuesday , March 19 2019

Women now have more say in money matters, 38% own house or land

Women with above 10 years of schooling have also grown from 22.3% to 35.7% amid NFHS3 and NFHS4.


NEW DELHI: India has seen an impressive hedge in financial inclusion of females, with about 53% of the female population currently having bank accounts as associated to a mere 15% a decade ago, rendering to the newest National Family Health Survey (NFHS).

The investigation made public on Tuesday discloses a heartening upsurge in the number of females operating their savings bank accounts, possessing houses and contributing in decision-making in households as well as choosing for gynecological checkups and hygienic methods for defense through the menstrual period. The data also depict that violence contrary to married women has come down. The percentage of females facing marital ferocity has dropped from 37.2% to 28.8%.

The investigation also depicts only 3.3% such females faced violence through pregnancy. This indicator appears to reflect a better consciousness of their rights and better social standing.

The 38% jump in females with bank accounts is completed by the survey result that 84% wedded women in the age of 15-49 years are gradually participating in decision-making as associated to 76% in the third round of NFHS led in 2005-06. The data also show 38.4% of females own a house and or land — alone or equally with others.

Not astonishingly, enhancements in banking and an improved role in the household are escorted by an upsurge in the female literacy rate that has gone up to 68.4% as likened with 55.1% in the earlier survey. The female literacy rate, yet, continues to lag male who have a literacy rate of 85.6%. Females with more than 10 years of schooling also grew from 22.3% to 35.7% amid NFHS3 and NFHS4.


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