Thursday , February 21 2019

Withdraw queue with two deaths

Two people were dead while standing in withdraw queue

In Andhra Pradesh, Kurnool, there is long queue at ATM to withdraw the new denomination notes


In Andhra Pradesh, Kurnool, there is long queue at ATM to withdraw the new denomination notes, so the people were standing in the queue from hours long and this was like testing people patience and this made a dangerous incident took place at the withdraw queue, and it was the sad news that made everyone feel sorrow, and the incident was, a man was standing in the long queue from long time at the ATM queue, and it had been like testing his patience and no one in the queue noticed.

And the man was continued to stand for some more time, and in sudden he fell down unconscious in the queue, and soon he was taken to hospital and the doctors explained that he was dead.

An old woman of 70 years  came to Andhra bank for withdrawing her pension amount from the bank and she waited for long time in the queue and requested the bank employee to find the amount balance in her account, and he opened her bank account and found the amount of just 200 rupees found and soon after hearing this news she fell down with a major heart stroke and she was dead on the spot, and this news were making high sensation in Andhra Pradesh, as many people were facing the problem of withdrawing money through ATM and banks, due to the sudden change took place in the denomination of notes, and these two death happened in Kurnool.

People were more worried about the long time hours that was making them stand in the queue for withdrawing money from ATM as we as banks, so some of the higher officials in the Bank should find the problems that some of the people were facing. And this breaking news shocked everyone.

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