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Winter fashion: Colours of fall

Winter season has brought the hottest shades through Autumn/Winter’s fashion palette.


Fall winter fashion can be complicated with all its sculptural and layering clothing choices. But most prominently, putting your hands on the flawless shade to cope with the colder months can corroborate to be a hard task. Then worry not, as we bring you a complete guide to shake the flawless hue from the seasonal colour palette in style. The season’s colour tendencies are fastened by plain tones like warm taupe and oxblood with cracks of vivacious colours like lilac and spicy mustard.

Romancing the blues

The Blue house unquestionably rocks through winter, singing with all its likely shades and travel around all the paths extending from icy blue to cobalt and navy blues. “Blue is flexible. If Waterside is more slanting at stability and sureness, Airy Blue, the fall kind of Serenity, takes anybody to a Xanadu of freedom, serenity and lightness,” shares designer Gautam Gupta.

Olive treat

You know the influence of fail-proof beiges, on-the-mark navy and go-to blacks but in this group of odd classics, let’s familiarize ourselves to possibly the most undervalued impartial of them all — olive. “For those unacquainted with the formal powers of the yellowish-green kind, it’s about assimilating olive add-ons that foil a current outfit

Olive shifts into a duskier shade this season with grey hints. So, you can have an olive long coat, sweatshirt, bomber jacket and more. Olive blends are best matched next to marigold as a drawl or flax as a neutral,” says Gautam Gupta.

Spicy Mustard

“Mustard comes as one of the most lively fall/ winter 2016 colour drifts that will add an unusual and bracing touch to any attire,” says fashion designer Jyoti Sachdev Iyer, saying, “Mustard is certainly hot, so cool it with fawn or ivory. Bout yellowy-brown garnered pants with a soft creamy blazer, or a custom-made jumper with khaki wraparound base skirt.”

Sweet Lilac

“Cheerful, feminine and uplifting, lilac forms the most difficult colour trend, as pulling it off through all those raining, cloudy and frosty days is someway difficult. Though, it makes a faultless colour even for the cooler seasons for special events, when you wish to stand out of the troop with your statement-making suit. As with all crayons, you have to find out a way to give it certain backbone.” shares Karn Malhotra.

Return of oxblood

Though there were sturdy representations of your usually autumnal blacks, navies, greys and greens, the colour that truly stood out at numerous fashion shows was burgundy. Refill your stock of this ironic, orangey-brown gloom as it is formally the new fleet. “Formerly called oxblood, it is merely about universally. Its moody tone indicates that summer season has come to an end and its plea is much like fleet — can be attired with much more than you would consider. This season carries burgundy pieces in all sizes and shapes — from a luxe pelt jacket and cozy sweaters to buttoned-up tops.” says designer Pria Kataria Puri.

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