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Windows is still No.1 OS, next comes Apple Mac

Windows is the No.1 OS on desktop version with 91.59 percent, whereas Mac is in 2nd position with 6.27 percent


Linux is becoming a more influential substitute to Windows, but this still doesn’t essentially mean Microsoft is anywhere near to losing the cloak for the No.1 desktop operating systems.

Conferring to the figures provided by NetMarketShare for March 2017 displays that Windows is not only the foremost choice for desktop computers all over the world, but it is at a place where Microsoft has not anything to be nervous about not being the topmost desktop OS.

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Precisely speaking, Windows is the No.1operating system on the desktop computer with 91.59 percent, whereas Mac is the 2nd with 6.27 percent. Linux stands in the third position right now with about 2.14 percent, so before surpassing Windows, it should win against Apple’s operating system first.

Implementation of Windows, however, appears to remain stable, even after its market share plunged below 90 percent for the first time in several years in the year 2016. Microsoft’s business product is back to progress and has accomplished to recover to 91 percent in the month of December 2016.

On Christmas Eve, Windows had increased from its 90.95 percent share to 91.41 percent, merely to continue its evolution in the month of February to 91.76 percent.

The earlier month’s figures thus signify a slight decay for Windows and a small development for Linux, which succeeds to grow from 2.05 percent to 2.14 percent. And hitherto, Linux is presently below the market share it said in July 2016, when it was moving on 2.33 percent of the desktop computers in the space now.

Microsoft had unsuccessful to make its Windows phones fruitful, so now the firm is trying to overcome Android and iOS by making its services accessible on these platforms, and yet without investing in its own platform making the complete thing considerably more problematic.


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