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Why legal notice to SPB?- Clarification from Ilaiyaraja

Ilaiyaraja sent legal notice over S.P.Balasubrahmanyam.

Ilyayaraja SPB


Ilaiyaraja has sent legal notice over S.P.Balasubrahmanyam for using the songs composed by the former music director in concerts and the latter’s Facebook post announcing that from now on he will never sing the songs which are composed by Ilaiayaraja in concerts has raked up a raging debate in social media with the fans of the two film music icons of south India placing themselves on either side and defending the Raja or the SPB.

Pradeep, the Copyrights Consultant of  Ilaiayraja had now given a clarification on why the legal notice has been sent to SPB from Ilaiyarajas side in first place.

Pradeep had said that this should not be considered as a notice against SPB. Everyone must note that Ilaiyaraja has been campaigning for safeguarding his Copy Rights over the past two to three years and reminded that the notice is a part of this campaign. He then, further clarified that this is not a notice against SPB on singing a song composed by Ilaiyaraja but it is a notice urging the singer to get the proper approval from the composer before using their songs in concerts.

Pradeep has also sought to drawn an our attention towards the fact that Ilaiyaraja does not follow the same practice of seeking his Royalty Rights from those who use his songs in the concerts that were held in villages. Those singers do it for their livelihood. Raja has claimed that his rights only from those who are uinge his songs to earn huge income.

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