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Why is Bollywood Silent About Padmavati?

Deepika Padukone has received violent threats over her lead role in the film Padmavati


Padmavati seems to move around the controversy of the historic monuments of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Although initially everyone thought the problem was similar to the other before a historic film was released, it was resolved as soon as possible and the whole incident became ugly. Shri Rajput, who threatened to beheaded Karni Sena, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s cut Pitpi Cappuccini’s nose “violated the Indian culture.” karni sena, convenor of Lokendra Singh Kalvi, also called for the suspension of India on December 1, Padmavati being nominated as the date of issue.

Abhishek Som, a leader of the commune of Milut Thakur, was injured by the director and actress Deepika who offered a beheading of 5 rupees to Rupiah. The Mumbai police quickly responded to these threats by making her particularly safe.

According to Wikipedia, which is headquartered in Jaipur, the karni sena supported “national unity” as opposed to “caste-centered positive discrimination and corruption.” Despite recent acts by them, the government of Rajasthan remains silent as the body transforms into a substantive voting bank. Even more troubling is the fact that the Indian film industry, whose known position is that the other party is ashamed to make any negative comments when it is difficult. Although many people come out to support Bhansali, they are cautious not sad about Karni Sena. Where does this debate place India as the world talks about freedom of expression?

Deepika padukone unmoved In this threat and violence, deepika  intends to keep up with plans for the promotion, though she will move more cautiously to enhance safety. Deepika’s friend said, “Deepika was not scared at all. She was safeguarded, but her actions were far-fetched, and she would continue pushing padmavati, though the entire team had been urging her to be cautious. Saboteur disguised as demonstrators any comment. “

Where are Ranveer and Shahid?


At the same time, there is a lot of speculation that she has been blatantly threatened with violence when the two stars of Deepika are so silent. “I do not know Shahid Kapu because they do not have close friends, but he is very worried about Ranveer, but he has been banned by Padmavati’s team for any comment. Too many guesses that a first-line celebrity can play a villain hero and, in addition to defaming rumors of a romantic connection between Ranveer and Deepika’s characters, the team has advised them not to promote the movie as a scene where the public would think they were together It should be understood that gag order has been given to the entire padmavati team and has gained enough for movie promotion.

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Why is Bollywood Silent About Padmavati?
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