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White House said North Korea is now a “strategic liability for China”

White House said North Korea is now a "strategic liability for China"

US said that North Korea is now a “strategic liability for China”.

White House has said North Korea is now a “strategic liability for China”. This was said few days before US President Donald Trump has scheduled to meet Chinese counterpart XI Jinping.

North Korea is a “strategic liability for China” which could be disrupting the firmness in region and White House also said after Pyongyang firing a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan.

They said clearly North Korea being a strategic liability and certainly have some impacts on the region. He said, when it comes to area co-operation obviously US will be wishing to see China working with them to get out of the threat emanating from North Korea where their weapons programs and provocations like missile launches seen every week

They also said that it would be the Beijing’s interest and thought North Korea long ago has ceased to be a strategic asset for China.

Susan Thornton the Acting Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs has said that the time is over to hold talks with North Korea.

She said that the patience had run out and the problem has become really urgent where it is destabilizing the entire region and it has been reaching across the globe with the progress that has been developing an intercontinental ballistic missile by North Korea.

Thornton said that US will not only talking on this issue with China but also with the US Ambassador who has convened in a ministerial meeting in New York last month.

She added that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will be chairing to chart and forward it in a very urgent way.

She claimed that the problem has crossed all the limitation lines and they are not hoping for some kind of reversion to negotiations. Also said that they need to do something to change the situation and get few results and hoping that Chinese are to be involved in that.

White House official said that they will be talking to them in couple of days that they have lot to contribute and so they will see where they will be getting on that.

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