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Which is better hosting platform for windows- Host gator or GoDaddy?

GoDaddy and Hostgator both are the leading Web Hosting Companies that are having a good number of customers.


People usually recommend either GoDaddy or HostGator, and though there are certain differences amid these two companies, seriously neither one of them are good at all.

HostGator has been in use over by the EIG and as soon as this verdict was made, service quality initiated to drop almost instantly (CEO decisions).

The EIG delivers the main affiliate commands, which is why you observe HostGator (and BlueHost’s) name universally in spite of being quite average. This is also why WordPress and several others commend them – you can even see this around world.

Fundamentally, the EIG is overpriced, moderately low-quality, over advertised, full of needless up-sells and has a deceptive way of treating their clients.

GoDaddy is no better, they might even be poorer. GoDaddy delivers such low initial prices since they make their cash back from you by just hiking up their renewal charges. They will also sell your info online and they often auction off clients’ domains after being late with a renewal fee.

HostGator might work well for you if you plan to uphold a simple blog with a good number of visitors in a month, but there are facilities out there that will bring far less trouble in the long run. As your website initiates to grow in traffic, it will only be a matter of time afore you are looking to transfer it away.

My own recommendation would be WPX Hosting since they are reliable, have quality services, and really outperform utmost of the big-name hosts.
Search for customer reviews of GoDaddy and even HostGator – their customer base is huge, so you will see a lot of diverse opinions, but it will be valued to know before signing up.


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Which is better hosting platform for windows- Host gator or GoDaddy?
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