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Where Can I Find My HostGator Name Servers?

HostGator is a Houston-based provider of shared, reseller, virtual private server, and dedicated web hosting.


What Are Name Servers?

The word “name server” denotes precisely to a server that hosts DNS zone files. Once an end user visits a cloud hosting, the DNS lookup initially checks the name servers delivered by the domain that indicate which server to check for the precise DNS records for that domain hosting. All HostGator servers host DNS zones and might act as name servers, and you might use our name servers to host your DNS settings.

If you are not certain of what the HostGator name servers are fictional to be for your website’s domain name, you can find out the information required inside of your HostGator welcome email. Shared hosting clients can also find their HostGator name servers listed inner side of their cPanel.

Option 1: In Your HostGator Welcome Email

In spite of the type of domain managed hosting you have, HostGator welcome email that was sent when you signed up for web hosting will contain the name servers registered for your dedicated hosting account. These name servers can be used on all websites that are hosted on your HostGator webhosting account.

Option 2: In Your cPanel (Shared Web HoscPanel Account Information Sectionting Only)

For Shared hosting plans such as the Hatchling, Baby or Business plan, you can also find out your name servers in your cPanel.

  1. Default Theme Required

If you are making use of default HostGator (HG) theme, then your name servers will be recorded in the Account Information panel at the lowermost of the left-hand column.

     2.How to Change to the Default Theme

If you are not making use of the default theme in cPanel, you need to provisionally switch to the HG theme to see name servers.

Generic or Private Name Servers

If you are a reseller, then you need to go for HostGator private name servers instead of the HostGator generic name servers. If you are a VPS or Dedicated Server owner, you should use HostGator private name servers.

Setup for Private Name Servers

The HostGator generic name servers for resellers do not comprise the word “hostgator.” You can look up the real generic reseller name servers for your account by using the methods above or by communicating HostGator support.

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