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When to Purchase a Premium Domain Name

Domain name of your business describes your business, and selecting the wrong domain can lead to certain big worries.


Below we will look at a pair of new cases where businesses felt the tingle of a bad domain selection, driving them to finally invest in the premium domain that perfectly matched their business brand.

Likely Problems with Domains

For Example:

Christopher Gimmer had founded Snappa, a website that aids people without design skills to rapidly make graphics for social media, websites, and blogs. As the domain was already taken, he thought of registering The business had taken off and was making $25,000 revenue in a month.

But Christopher had started experiencing concerns with his domain name. He clarified three glitches the firm ran into:

  • Branding and trust- He felt that in his situation, possessing the .com was key to presenting users that the commercial was genuine.
  • Avoiding confusion- Clients were sometimes muddled when they visited as an alternative of One customer even emailed the firm thinking the Snappa service was despondent.
  • Growth potential- Christopher took motivation from the story of, a firm that had taken a big risk by buying for $675,000 and broken up thriving.

It is worth noticing that these concerns aren’t normal for all companies, and some brands are quite fruitful with non .com domains.

Enthused by a HUGE Domain Purchase

After a great negotiation, Christopher was competent to buy for about $40,000. He negotiated an innovative deal that only needed $20,000 up front with the remaining will be paid off during next three years.

Why did he decide to buy that domain? Christopher was enthused by Sumo, one more company devoted to investing in its domain.

In initial months of 2017, SumoMe had paid about $1.5 million to upgrade its domain from to

What this Means for You

If you are just beginning out, you perhaps don’t want to go for a premium domain. Just remember that Snappa and Sumo had started with what the founders deliberated to be a less-than-ideal domain. It was only when the firm had gained certain commercial triumph that the founders thought to pay for the best domain name.

Domain changes are slightly common. For example, had begun as, and even was previously called as But it aids to have a well-known brand that is identified across the world and the business growth and success that deserve such a change.

So never be afraid to begin with a domain name that matches your business, even if it is not the same name of your firm or you didn’t get the .com extension. Till you get your firm off the ground there is no need to make a big investment in your business domain.

But once you hit it big, you may start looking around at the premium domains that perfect match for your business branding and messaging.

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