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What Happens When You Eat an Egg a Day

Egg intake daily can have numerous health benefits.


Eggs are one of the healthiest foods that are reasonable and can be cooked in many ways.

They are tremendously high in amino acids, iron and antioxidants. Though, you should always select organic eggs, as they are opulent in nutritious value, but do not comprise antibiotics and hormones. Our body harvests 11 vital fatty acids that are crucial for the suitable body function and eggs cover 9 more that are desirable as well.

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Mainly, when you eat foods that comprise fat, your liver regulates itself by lessening its individual production. This shows that eating eggs daily doesn’t upsurge the current amounts of fat in your body, you are merely substituting one type with the other.

But, what ensues if you eat one every day?

Having too many was once supposed to source high cholesterol, but the expert Dr Frankie Phillips, a professional dietician from the British Dietetic Association, said indy100, “There is no indorsed limit to the quantity of eggs you can have in a day, but a suggestible portion would be 2 eggs a day. In just two boiled, simmered or scrambled egg, you will get 12g protein, as well as valuable quantities of Vitamins A, D and B, selenium and iodine.

“Eggs contain a source of Vitamin C, such as clean orange juice to aid absorb the iron in eggs.”

An everyday egg can have numerous fitness benefits. Rendering to Healthy Food House, they can assist boost your resistant system; increase teeth and bone health and glows your skin. The amino acids present in eggs are even alleged to relieve pressure and anxiety. Though, Phillips said, “Similar to all foods, eggs deliver calories, (130kcal in two eggs) so consuming too many can clue to extra calories and dietary inequity.”



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