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What crisis? For Donald Trump’s base, it’s full speed ahead

Even some fellow Republicans are expressing alarm to Donald Trump

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Melbourne:  With US President Donald Trump struggling to keep his presidency on an even keel in a discordant first month, die-hard supporters have a message for their champion: stay on offence, never modulate, never change.

Donald Trump is under immense pressure as missteps have afflicted his debut, with opposition lawmakers and observers lobbying one assault after another at the new US commander-in-chief.

They say he lies, he lacks understanding of key issues, his White House is already driven with scandal and warring factions, and he’s dismissing the US Constitution by attacking the media.

Even some fellow Republicans are expressing alarm.

On Saturday, Donald Trump escaped the fiery cauldron of Washington to host an active rally in Melbourne, Florida, where he was greeted with open arms by loyal supporters who claim his presidency is running smoothly.

And they sniffed at charges that Trump, now the world’s most powerful man, is denying to moderate the aggression, impulsiveness and sniping that defined his 2016 campaign which ended in shock victory.

“I want to see more of it,” Steven Migdalski, a 53-year-old unemployed computer technician from Titusville, Florida, expressed to  AFP during his 7-hour wait to enter the Trump rally.

He gave definite approval of Trump’s combative tone with the press and his hasty policy steps including his controversial executive order restricting immigration.

“I am totally delighted that a Republican president has the b***s — the fight in him — to push back against not only fake news,” but the political establishment, stated Migdalski, proudly displaying his red “Built Trump Tough” shirt.

Never mind that Trump’s debut has sent agitations across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans with policy musings that deny decades-old US policy regarding the Western alliance and post-World War II order.

“He’s upsetting the globalists. And I hope they’re afraid,” Migdalski stated.

Such is the damn-the-torpedoes support Trump enjoys with his core base — largely white and male, mainly working class, and increasingly nationalistic.

In more than a dozen interviews with supporters, they stated they are backing their man, despite — perhaps even because of — his controversial actions.

But supporters are aware that they too provide the energy, adulation and respect on which Trump feeds — a symbiotic relationship that was on full display in Melbourne.

Washington is not a friendly town for any occupant of the White House, and Trump seemed thrilled to return to a campaign-styled event, complete with a woman holding up a poster with the words “Hillary for Prison,” even though Hillary Clinton was defeated months ago.

“I think he needs this. Every day he hears hatred and negativity each time he turns on the TV,” stated Tammy Allen, a self-employed independent distributor in Melbourne who was in the rally crowd with 3 friends holding “Women For Trump” signs.

“He’s been ridiculed and put down. I mean everybody is against Donald Trump. So he needs to see those Americans that support him, that love him,” she added.

“We’re the wind beneath his wings.'”

‘Willing to fight’

High school student Jacob Wyskoski turned 18 last year, and cast his first-ever vote in November, for Donald Trump.

“We used to be the strongest, the biggest, the most powerful nation in the entire world. We need that back,” he stated, echoing a common refrain among voters old enough to recall the US power that ended the Cold War.

As for Trump appearing to live his presidency with boxing gloves on, Wyskoski stated, “We need someone who’s willing to fight for this country, and I feel like he’s the guy who is going to get in the ring if we need him to.”

Several supporters brushed aside the ongoing congressional investigations into the role Russia may have played in manipulating the US presidential election and potential connections between the Trump campaign and Russian officials prior to the vote.

“Knock yourself out. Get all the people you want” to investigate Trump, said Mike Sikula, a retired aerospace engineer. “I love him to death.”

That Trump troubles foreign leaders, antagonises Democrats and blasts the media while maintaining his combative campaign style is icing on the cake.

“I think it’s good,” Sikula stated.

Donald Trump “has to go out in public and counter it,” he stated of the criticism.

“He has to go on TV and he has to tweet just to try and level the score a little bit. If he remained completely quiet, the lie would overwhelm him.”

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