Wednesday , March 27 2019

Weekend challenge for Nehru ‘park’ing

People have to park their vehicles outside, on the road, which causes traffic congestion.

Zoological Park
Bikes struggle for parking space at the Nehru Zoological Park on Sunday afternoon

Hyderabad: The parking lot at the Nehru Zoological Park accommodates 250-300 cars, 500 two-wheelers, and 50 buses and is inadequate to handle the holiday and holiday rush. Peoples have to park their vehicles outside, on the roads, which causes traffic crowding.

Venu, the parking lot contractor, says that with the summer holidays the sum of visitors will go up “but parking arrangements for more vehicles hasn’t been ended. We have requested the curator several times to extend the parking area and allot us the one nearby the administrative office, but she has kept on negating us.”

To this, M. Abhinandan, a resident of Kondapur who comes for holiday at the zoo park on Sunday, was upset at having to park his car outside the zoo.

“Due to the shortage of parking space inside, I had to park my vehicle on the way. Who is responsible if somebody damages my car or if somebody plays a prank and reduces the tires? The authorities should make instant arrangements to increase the parking space,” he alleged.

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One more parking vendor, on condition of anonymity, whispered, “The area used for parking is not good as the way is a kucha road and dust increases continuously which leads to breathing problems. The authorities promised to lay the BT road on the whole stretch but they have failed to do so until today.”

He points out that there is no other exit gate for vehicles, and buses, cars, and bikes have to come in and leave the same way, which leads to jamming, especially on weekends.

J.Badreshwar, assistant commissioner of police (traffic) Charminar, faults vehicles parked on the main road outside the park reserve for creating traffic problems. “Despite our insistence, the zoo authorities haven’t funded any heed.

We have given out challans to the vehicle owners for parking on main roads,” he held.

Zoo officials did not reply to our attempts to contact them.

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