Thursday , February 21 2019

Walmart Cuts dozen Jobs As Realignment Continues

Walmart is eliminating hundreds of jobs in its latest attempt to cut costs as it invests in online.

walmart slashes Jobs

Walmart cut down a few dozen jobs at corporate headquarters in its latest attempt to cut costs as it invests in online.

In addition to make several promotions as it continues to realign resources around new zones of focus, namely e-commerce.

The company has slashed a few dozen jobs, according to Talk Business & Politics. An unrevealed number of promotions have also been awarded, largely in promoting, according to Retail Dive.

Today’s cuts are on top of roughly a 1,000 job cuts of previous year and 500 in replenishment roles since the end of January (the beginning of Walmart’s new fiscal year), according to TB&P. It’s all part of a larger realignment as the company assigns resources to support new initiatives including e-commerce and store initiatives.

“As we stated in January, we’re continuing to look at how the company is organized, which includes investing in and adding jobs in some areas and eradicating some in a few others,” Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove stated Retail Dive . “This is all about aligning and creating productivities as we change how we work to flawlessly serve our customer through our stores and e-commerce.”

In January, Walmart stated it would recruit some 10,000 jobs through new store openings for its Walmart and Sam’s Club divisions, a move that hovers in the face of a common narrative today: that retail associates jobs are a new dying out species.

In all, close to 60,000 retail jobs have been lost in 2017, most from department and apparel stores. But Walmart’s slashes are strategic, rather than a reaction to declining sales. The company is locked in battle with Amazon for retail supremacy, trying to win the hearts, minds and disposable income of consumers.

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