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Volkswagen Group’s Audi and Porsche to join hands for vehicle development

Volkswagen Group's Audi and Porsche to join hands for vehicle development

Two big automobile majors are putting hands together for vehicle development

Volkswagen Group’s Audi and Porsche are joining their forces for the development of vehicle. Top most up marketed br5ands said Yesterday, to help the world’s largest car manufacturing company save money,, the decision took on awake of its costly emissions test cheating scandal.

The accord came as Chief Executive of Volkswagen Matthias Mueller. Previously he has worked as Audi’s head of product management and as Porsche’s CEO has he finalizes the plan and sets the development of autonomous cars, digital services and electric vehicles.

As both the companies has said in the deal that their focus is on jointly developing components, vehicle platforms and modules and that followed by a period of intense in-house race for development resources.

The jointly headed by representatives said in the upcoming months the joint teams will be preparing specific areas of cooperation and defining a road map by  2025.

VW that has taken Porsche in 2012, arisen as one of the competing engineering centre to Audi. MSB platform of Porsche is used for its four-seater Panamera model and it has been adopted for VW group’s following generation Bentley Continental model all though Audi had been developing same offerings as VW does.

From the time i,e., September 2015  the companies’ emissions test cheating on diesel engines has exposed Audi had lost two research and development chiefs and also the head of its automotive electronics division who has been implementing ideas in the work in the area of battery technology and autonomous driving.

Audi has remained as the group’s centre of sport-utility vehicles, a growing market and profitable in which it supplies various platforms for Porsche and bently.

As the self-driving vehicles will likely to play prominent role in the future industry, Audi is also developing autonomous cars for the group.

Internal race has begun in the engineering hub field for electric vehicles, electric motors, battery packs and research and development of battery cells.

Porsche had developed the J1 electric cars platform where Audi has worked on electric car of its own.

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