Sunday , February 17 2019

Visakhapatnam: Christmas carols ring in schools

Visakhapatnam is full of Thrill and excitement descended with Santa Claus, distributing sweets to everybody in the schools in the city.


Visakhapatnam: Christmas was celebrated in its entire splendor at numerous schools in the metropolitan city on Friday in Visakhapatnam, together with Delhi Public School, Wonworld School in Lawson’s Bay Colony, Greendale School, and Chaitanya Public School in Ukkunagaram. The existence of a Christmas tree together with the theme of Santa Claus had added a sparkle to the places.

The passionate students had enthralled the viewers with different skits portraying Jesus Christ’s birth. The school chorales had sung carols, which resounded with the popular song “Jingle Bells”. The exceptional bonding amid mother and child was once again armored with the diverse games led for them as a crew at numerous schools. The celebrations had appeared like a big fair of celebrating joy, peace and friendliness.

Both the Boys and girls were outfitted in colourful dresses representing San-tas, Angles, Adam and Eve. The Kids had exhibited their ability by colourful live scenes connecting to the birth of Jesus Christ, where they have dressed as the Angels, Shepherds, Mary, Joseph and Three Wise Men.

Chairperson of the Green-dale Dr S. Ravindra had congratulated all the students and requested them to emulate the traditions of Jesus. Correspondent Dr Vijaya Ravindra transported Christmas and New Year howdy to all the kids. Thrill and enthusiasm sloped as Santa Claus came distributing sweets to everybody.


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