Friday , March 22 2019

Visakhapatnam airport stands last in national survey


Visakhapatnam: Visakhapatnam airport has recorded the least and stands last amid the 17 airports in the nation being surveyed trimestral in terms of numerous service quality parameters. The third-quarter report of the Airport Service Survey being led by the international body of airport operators, Airports’ Council International (ACI) on behalf of Airports Authority of India (AAI) on a three-monthly basis rather than half-yearly for 17 airports counting Vizag from this year, has been out.

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The report displays that the scores contrary to most have fallen in association to the first two quarters. The airport has got 4.04 (Jan-March), 4.17 (Apr-June) and 3.97 (Aug-Oct) out of 5 in the first three quarters individually, which is never above the typical score of the 17 airports.

Fatefully, the port city is holding a meeting of international and national consequence, but its rating as an alternative to improving is worsening. Moreover, the sanitation rating of the washrooms and airport lethal of the airport in the city, which claims of a third cleanest tag and freshest railway station, have also seen a bad growth in the third quarter.

Of the 33 restrictions, 23 such as parking facilities, value for cash of parking facilities, restaurant/eating amenities, availability of baggage carts/trolleys, waiting time in check-in queue, efficacy of check-in staff, courtesy and usefulness of check-in staff, waiting time at passport/personal ID inspection amid others are also not reasonable as per the report. When communicated, Vizag Airport director G. Prakash Reddy said he would not make any remark as he was on leave.

“At least 9 flights are landing in the morning and that too at short breaks. So, the present washrooms are turning out to be insufficient. Furthermore, tissues are not available occasionally, much to the wonder of the foreign tourists. We cannot fault the airport staff since improving the infrastructure with appropriate expansion is the only solution,” said K. Vijay Mohan, the president of Tour and Travel Operators’ Association of Andhra Pradesh. An airport official declined to comment.

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