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Virat Kohli is ubiquitous just as Sachin was: Mike Atherton

Virat Kohli has been in moving form in the constant England Test series and he has recorded 405 runs at 101.25.


Chennai: Previous England skipper Mike Atherton told the most powerful figure in the world of Cricket is India skipper Virat Kohli. In his post for The Times, Atherton said it has been captivating to watch Kohli up close and get nous of the cricketer who is moving India forward.

“If the query were to be questioned of world cricket, there would be tiny room for dispute: the most powerful figure in Cricket is Virat Kohli, India’s captain and foremost candidate for the best all-round batsman in the world now. He is positively the most in-form, as England have observed to their cost, assumed that he has held India’s batting in the first 3 Tests,” engraved Atherton.

Kohli has been in moving form in the enduring England Test series and he has recorded 405 runs at 101.25. Rendering to Atherton, Kohli is ubiquitous as Sachin Tendulkar was a cohort ago. “However with the type of spread through social media that did not exist when Tendulkar was in his prime. If Kohli is the most sought-after confirmation, bats at No 4 and lost his counselor father at a young age (Kohli was 18 when his dad expired; Sachin was 26), then that is where the comparisons with the Little Master close,” Atherton said.

Atherton told Kohli’s impact is likely to be thoughtful on the type of Indian cricketer to arise. “And so on the nature of cricket that India will play in future. Previously in this series, you sense these growths: India’s experts have bowled more rapidly and violently than England’s and the ground fielding has been just as strong, areas where traditionally England might have anticipated an edge,” he said.

The Englishman was also all applause for Kohli’s fielding abilities. “Plenty of former India companies were good catchers — Rahul Dravid, for example, was a brilliant slip fielder — but nobody that I have seen has been as lively in the field as Virat Kohli. His adjoining contrasting in England colours is Stokes: to the end of the game in Mohali, when conquest had become inevitable, Stokes raced a ball to the border as though his life hinge on it,” he said.


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