Tuesday , March 26 2019

Vin Diesel duets with Selena Gomez 

Vin Diesel had taken to Facebook to share an audio track of his words mixed in with Selena’s on the song.


The latest song “It Ain’t Me” containing Selena Gomez released on Thursday, and the track has been remixed into a duo by her traitor, Norwegian DJ Kygo, introducing the Fast and Furious star.

“All love,” Vin Diesel wrote in releasing the recent mix on Facebook.

He posted it on Instagram, “I stepped out of my coziness zone for this one, haha. Let me discern what you think. Thank you @kygomusic for creating this 2017 HIT! Thank you for trust in me to make me sing. Thank you @Selenagomez for carrying that lovely and magical voice. Pained and celebratory concurrently. I followed your lead when I went into the closet…”

Vin, a great fan of Kygo, released the project on Friday, “For years I have done low tech singsong for you diehard fans, often presenting a different and emotive side. But I was certainly not invited into a proficient studio, or never had the bravery to try it for actual with an engineer. The magician someway took my voice and added it to the super brilliant Selena… Kygo sent over the trail today and I am Thunderstruck. Just speechless.”

He also shared to Facebook this week a behind-the-scenes videotape of the recording procedure. “It’s your own take on it,” one of the creators is seen remarking. “You don’t sound like each f—ing songwriter that we have impending in here that sounds similar.”

“You are going to be as surprised as I am,” Diesel tweeted. “Kygo the juggler just took my voice and added it to his new track. Speechless.”

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