Sunday , February 17 2019

Vijayawada: People Ignore Helmet Rule

The traffic wing of Vijayawada city police and RTA officials lead special drives in main junctions in the city and listed cases.


Vijayawada: In spite of the strict ruling of the mandatory wearing of helmets, numerous motorcyclists and scooter riders seem to be totally unaware of any such fiat.

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A growing number of cases of helmetless-riding are upsetting the city police and even the transport department. The police have been predominantly diligent about spreading consciousness of road and personal safety but from the appearances of it, it is having a slight effect.

In spite of the month long consciousness campaign run by the police department and the transport department, hundreds of two-wheelers were fined for not having a helmet and an equivalent number of motorists for not wearing a seatbelt. Almost 1000 cases were listed in a month. The traffic wing of city police and RTA officials conducted special drives in major junctions in the city and registered cases. About 30 percent of the cases listed were booked for the second time for the same crime and this is upsetting the officials.

“The law of compulsorily wearing a helmet is for the security of citizens and city police is executing it firmly. In spite of this, two-wheeler riders are even ignoring orders. We will be captivating severe action against those who are repeatedly trapped without a helmet. We will be stopping their driving licences,” stated deputy commissioner of police, Kranti Rana Tata.

In the meantime, citizens are similarly upset with the police department. “Buying helmets have become an expensive affair as vendors have enlarged the charges of helmets by up to 40 percent. Separately from recording cases for helmet less driving, executives should also take essential action to control the exorbitant cost of helmets,” says K. Narayana Rao, a biker.

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