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Vidya Balan tells her Kahaani

Vidya Balan speaks about laughing off divorce rumors, her Hum Paanch cast and what retains her busy in Hyderabad for a movie promotion.


It has been more than a decade as Vidya Balan debuted in Bollywood with Parineeta, but the heroine endures to stun everybody with her simplicity. Outfitted in her feature Indian wear, the heroine was in Hyderabad to promote her future movie Kahaani 2. “The Old City is lovely. The white walls and houses here are so elegant,” she says when she speaks out.

Speaking about the sequel, she speaks, “The action and story are completely new. Then, it’s similar since Sujoy Ghosh (the director) gets into the private spaces of his roles, into their skulls, and acquires out the best.”

Vidya confesses that she had wrecked down while shooting. “I get immersed and spent by the character I am playing, which is why after a movie, I want some time to get back to normal and ‘clean’ myself,” she speaks.

Formerly Vidya made it big in the film industry; she used to star in music videos and was rather famous for her character in the hit TV serial Hum Paanch, where she instigated her career. She newly met the cast of the sitcom.

“It didn’t appear like it has been long as I met them. We have all grown in diverse ways,” she says, but adding, “But I still have a big way to go. The trip has been satisfying, but I am contented only for now and will get starved in a couple of hours.”

On heroines working even after wedding, she says, “In Bollywood, heroines like Kareena Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are acting even after getting wedded. Ash, seen lovely in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Does she looked like she has a five-year-old kid?”

Vidya has passed movies on her shoulders and brought hits without a male lead. She believes that more pictures on females must be made. “It cannot continuously be about males! Stories about females must be told. I try taking up cinemas where a lady has a key role,” she says.

Though a lot of people have come up to Vidya to write a book on her, she doesn’t consider it’s time yet. The heroine says, “I don’t have the self-control to sit down and write a biography. It is a solitary process. Possibly I have to hire a writer who can do it for me.”

She says she is open to employ in Tollywood, provided there is a good character and captivating story. “More people have come up to me, but not anything has driven out so far. Down South, I love Nithya Menon. She is pretty,” says the actress, saying that her other favorite heroines are “Kangana Ranaut, Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma and Sonakshi Sinha.”

Vidya is one artist who hasn’t shied away from working makeup free. “Just be yourself. I like myself best without cosmetics. I don’t comprehend why people make a concern about it,” she speaks.

Rumors about her and spouse Siddharth keep doing the circles. “I just laugh off the rumors. They don’t distress me at all,” says Vidya. Requested to define a typical day in her lifetime, Vidya says, “If I am not operational, I wake up at 8, have a lazy cup of chai and then speak to my husband. I visit my parents also.”


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