Wednesday , March 20 2019

Venkatesh: Tollywood’s Numbers Game doesn’t Affect Me

Venkatesh shares his views on how movie records are meant to be smashed and how they won’t bother him.


Venkatesh has a big fan following, specifically among ladies, but unlike several today that eye the initial day records and embrace fans deeply in this mathematics, the hero never inspires his admirers to do the same.

“I won’t get into this numbers game and even I don’t give any type of statement concerning them. There are several blockbusters and silent knockouts in my professional career, but I never inspected whether they had broken records or not. If the film producers and distributors are cheerful with the movie’s success, that’s enough for me,” he says.

He says that he is never under the stress to deliver one more hit after a blockbuster movie. “As a hero, I never want to twig to one image. I never motivate my fans to go overboard as it is not my character. I always say them to focus on their education and take movies as just another fragment of life,” he clarifies.

“Everyone makes their own choice. If a movie is good and makes records, fans are so happy. There are some normal movies which do not justify being hits and it is not right to force fans to make it into one,” reveals Venky, who considers that records are made, only to be cracked. “Nothing is eternal. One week, a movie creates records and the next week, one more film breaks them. This is all a simple game and I like to play it in a balanced way, rather than including fans,” he tells.

“There have been times when my movies were removed from the theatres simply after 90 days and bothered fans called me. But I told them that it is all professional and to not be worried. If the movie deserves to be there for 100 days, it will, or else it will make space for one more film!” Venkatesh discerns.


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