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Venkatesh: Say no to peer pressure

Venkatesh Daggubati is shooting for his upcoming film Guru in Vizag wasn’t recognized even as he rode a bike on the metropolis’s main road.


When actor Venkatesh was met by Dr Lalitha and Teenage Foundation to be a chunk of their video asking youths to “say no to peer pressure”, he had seen no reason to trash. “Moreover, I thought it would be a noble idea to spread consciousness since it is quite normal for youngsters to get into behaviors which aren’t appropriate for them,” he says.

The video contains the actor advising youngsters not to do something which they do not like and are not influenced is right. “It won’t actually matter if your friends leave you. What matters is completely you… your life. Stop permitting others to tug your strings. Always learn to say no,” he speaks in the video that has visuals of teenagers smoking, boozing and having drugs simply because of their friends.

When questioned if he felt for the reason as he’s a father of three kids himself, the actor clarifies, “Not actually. As I keep hearing stories of children who have surrendered to pressure and have ended up things they do not need to just for recognition. I was pleased to be a part of it. If I could affect somebody it would have been worth it since it is very easy to get passed away.”

Venkatesh is hectic shooting for Guru Movie in Vizag and Bhimunipatnam, a town nearby Vizag. He acts as a boxing coach in this movie, a remake of Saala Khadoos. Sudha Kongara, who directed the original movie, is directing this remake also.

Few days back, the complete unit was shooting at Bhimunipatnam and to everybody’s surprise; Venkatesh was riding a bike on the main road of the city. “No one recognized the actor as they never anticipated the hero to ride a bike on the eventful city road. The director sought the scene to look normal, so Venky had driven on the main road,” says a close representative from the movie unit.

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