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Venkatesh: Guru Changed Me

Venkatesh calls director Sudha Kongara his guru.


The trailer of Venkatesh’s future movie Guru was out recently. Directed by Sudha Kongara, the movie is a remake of Saala Khadoos. “In my 30 years of film career, I have done numerous films and also got several rewards and awards, but this movie will always be my special. I have learned many things through my career, but I had learned the most in this movie. The credit goes to Sudha,” speaks Venkatesh.

The hero plays a boxing coach in the movie. Director Sudha had made the film first in Tamil and Hindi with Madhavan as the main actor. “Really, she came to me first, and then I was down with dengue, so I couldn’t do the movie. After a year, she again came to me and gave me the story,” discloses Venky, saying, “I normally read only my dialogues and acts, but she requested me to read the entire script, which was totally new to me. I was completely tangled in the role of this movie, which is a first for me,” discloses Venkatesh.

The hero also shares that the director Sudha had gone through all his movies and changed his body language and dialogue delivery in this movie. “I play a guru in the movie, but really Sudha is my guru, as I totally surrendered to her for this movie. This movie has changed my thought process towards my characters. I plea to all the writers to come up with eccentric roles, as I am self-assured that I can do justice to them,” speaks Venkatesh.

The hero reveals that after finishing the movie, he told his family members that the movie made him a better actor. Excitingly, Venkatesh has also sung a song in this movie.

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