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Venkaiah Naidu:Vacancies in National commissions for minority, SC commissions will be filled soon

Venkaiah Naidu-Vacancies in minority, SC commissions will be filled soon

The opposition Congress party created an uproar in Rajya Sabha on Monday that there has been a delay in filling the positions in  National  commissions for minorities, SCs, STs and OBCs.

Union Minister, Venkaiah Naidu said the vacancies in National commissions for backward, scheduled castes and minority groups will be filled immediately.

Naidu said that the Central government wants to give legitimate status to the backward people to make it “more powerful” and highlighted that the administration is dedicated to the welfare of the communities concerned.

The minister made the statements after the Congress-led opposition created uproar in Rajya Sabha over the postponement in filling up the positions in statutory commissions for minorities, SCs, STs, and OBCs.

Targeting the opposition congress, the minister said, instead of giving respect to PM Narendra Modi for taking a “historic” step towards supporting the backward class panel, it is prescribed in a negative way over the issue.

“Be it backward class, minority or scheduled caste commission, all commissions will be appointed immediately. There is no intention of going slow on it,” he told reporters outside Parliament.

He added, “The administration is very much dedicated to the welfare of the backward class, minorities, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.”

Targeting to reduce the opposition party, the minister said the offices are currently functional and only the appointments of panel members and chairpersons are to be made.

“I only want to say (that) there are political appointments on all the Commissions. When a new government comes, it makes new sessions on the commissions when the panels complete their incumbency,” he said.

Rajya Sabha proceedings were interrupted on Monday after the Congress-led opposition created an uproar over the issue of filing the vacancies in statutory commissions for minorities, SCs, STs, and OBCs.

Due to the voluble protests by the members of Sabha, the House assembled for the day.

The protests began by the opposition Congress member raised the issue of the long-pending vacancies in these official panels during the Zero Hour and other members of the Sabha supported it.

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