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Varun Tej: Everybody is good, I want to stand out

Varun Tej speaks on his injury, his movie career, his family and Ram Gopal Varma.


Though many of the mega family actors select commercial movies, Varun Tej is so different. He is blessed that he has had good filmmakers —Krish, Srikanth Addala, and Puri Jagannadh — through the initial stage of his film career. Currently, he is working with another top Tollywood director, Srinu Vaitla, for the movie Mister, which is all set to release on 14th April.

Excerpts from an interview:

Injury and the postponement

The hero had sustained the main injury while shooting for the film Mister, due to which the movie got postponed. “It was a severe leg injury. I knew that it would take 2 months to cure,” he speaks. But more than the wound, he was concerned about gaining weight. “I need to work out frequently to stay fit. I was concerned, but I didn’t gain more weight as I restarted my workouts soon after my bandage was detached,” speaks Varun. But, what did he have done for these two months? “I heard about 20 film stories! I met my friends and spent quality time with Charan anna and even a week with pedananna (Chiranjeevi garu),” he speaks, saying, “Pedananna told me that through his times, they had taken risks since of lack of technology, but at this time, I should use it. He told me that because of my injury, several people need to adjust.”

Lavanya and Rajesh took care

Varun had met with the accident on the final day of the shooting schedule in Ooty. “The floor was all wet. I need to run across, and when I did that, I fell off. To evade thumping my head on the camera, I fell off on the other side and hurt myself. In the hospice, the complete unit, specifically Lavanya Tripathi and Rajesh, had taken care of me,” he speaks.

Length, not a problem

“My appeal’s name is Pichaiah Naidu, but I altered it to Chay. The script revolves round the three of us — Lavanya, Hebah Patel and me. The script starts in Spain with a girl (Hebah) and it then moves to the US. It then arrives to India, where I have fall in love with one more girl (Lavanya). We have three stories, but the director’s immensity lies in the detail that he presented all in one script. It’s a love entertainer with family drama and usual Srinu Vaitla entertainment. The story was lengthy, but director tells it in a riveting manner. I consider that if the content is good and retains the audience entertained, span is never a problem,” he speaks.

Long Break after Loafer movie

This movie comes above a year after Loafer (2015). Varun speaks, “After Loafer movie, I sought to work with Krish, but we adjourned it. If you look at my first three movies, I have selected different stories. There are about 20 to 30 actors and everybody is doing well. I just want to stand out from others. My first movie tailored to some section of the audience and the second movie Kanche was classy. Loafer also couldn’t satisfy to all sectors of the audience. Those roles didn’t suit my age and nature. I’m a humorous person, so I wanted to do a romantic amusement,” he says.

Ram Charan’s advice

“When I had met Ram Charan, he told me not to distress about how much my movies make. After Magadheera, people began guessing great things from him. So he did movies to keep up to that expectancy. He guided me to not fall into that trap,” speaks Varun.

Dad is my strength

“I decide on the movies I want to do. Occasionally I ask my dad for advice, but he won’t force me. He is like a best friend to me. My dad has been my biggest forte when it comes to movies,” he says.

On RGV controversy

Ram Gopal Varma is a great director. But I don’t see what contentment he gets from his tweets. I think, he wakes up each day with a notion to play with somebody’s mind.  If you don’t like a movie, simply you can say that you didn’t like it. Stop getting into relations. My dad never tolerates anybody speaking about his family (Chiranjeevi, Charan, Pawan Kalyan). My dad spoke at the public meeting, since he was right. Like everybody, my dad responded and I told my dad that he is totally right,” says Varun.

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