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‘Varanasi’ crime-thriller movie lost in the contest of Oscar

‘Varanasi’crime thriller tamil  movie failed in Oscar contest

‘Varanasi’ Tamil movie that was nominated for the contest of Oscar

‘Varanasi’ crime thriller Tamil movie that was nominated for the contest of Oscar movie lost its race though it was a crime-thriller movie with its unique story line. ‘Varanasi’ movie was directed by Vetrimaaran, and produced by the famous actor Danush. This movie was selected by the Film Federation of India for the 89th Academy Awards, so everyone had an expectation on the film that it might get awarded in the contest of Oscar.’Varanasi’ movie is a Tamil crime thriller that had been a big hit in Tamil.

Previously, apart from ‘Varanasi’ we have a legendary film that had reached up to the final five nominee’s selection for Oscar, and finally it was lost in the race, and it was none other than Lagan movie, directed by Aushutosh Gowariker. And this movie had huge expectation when it was selected for the Oscar, later it gave us more disappointment, and after a long time Tamil movie ‘Varanasi’ was included in this contest, but ‘Varanasi’ was also lost in the race of Oscar. But this movie had made its best trial in Oscar, so whatever the reason ‘Varanasi’ will be remembered as the movie that went for the Oscar contest.

Mother India’ and ‘salaam Bombay’ are the two Indian films that had reached up to top five stage, and besides Deepa mehathas ‘water’, it was a Canadian entry. Nine were selected out of 85 entries and they were going into the next round for voting, and they were, ‘Tanna’ from Australia, ‘it’s only the end of the world’ from Canada, ‘Land of mine’ from Denmark, ‘Toini erdmann’ from Germany, ‘The salesman’ from Iranian film maker, ‘The kings choice’ from Norway, ‘Paradise’ from Russia, ‘A man called ove’ from Sweden and ‘My life as Zucchini’ from Switzerland.

Finally the nominees will be declared on 24th January, Tuesday and the official anniversary will be held on February 26th Sunday. Everyone was waiting eagerly for the final day of the declaration, and the race of film makers from all countries were included in the contest.


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