Sunday , March 24 2019

Uttar Pradesh: mother-in-law gifts Honda City car to bahu for giving birth to girl child

Daughters are better than sons, says the mom-in-law who celebrated the girl child birth.


Lucknow: In a state where female abortion is common in the rural areas, this mother-in-law deserves to be admired. Prema Devi, an ex- inspector from the health department of Uttar Pradesh, has gained a celebrity status in Hamirpur district after she gifted a Honda City car to her daughter-in-law when the latter gave birth to a girl child.

Prema Devi, who gifted a Honda City car to her daughter-in-law, states that daughters are better than sons. She also presents a small party with Khushboo, her daughter-in-law, to welcome the baby girl in the family.

“The practice of female infanticide in India will only come to end after daughters-in-laws are loved as daughters. They are someone else’s daughters as well. If daughters-in-law are treated the way daughters are treated, they bring joy to the home,” she expressed to reporters.

Khushbo, on the other hand, is delighted to have a mother-in-law like Prema Devi. She stated that in order to bring a change in society, women must first learn to love and respect each other that way her mother in law does. Even daughter-in-laws must love their mother-in-laws like their own mother, she added.

In the meantime, an 11-year-old girl was supposedly raped and murdered by the husband of her tuition teacher and afterward her body thrown in a pond, police stated.

The crime was committed yesterday in Purnagiri locality in the provinces of Kotwali police station here. The body of the victim was recovered on Sunday.

The girl, a class 6 student, had gone for tuition after her school but did not return to home provoke her family members to go to Kohena police station. But, as their complaint was not registered, they began a search on their own and found her school bag and slippers near a pond. Soon after, when police arrived, the class 6 student’s body was found in a sack submerged in the water.

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