Monday , March 18 2019

US Police is Using Pokemon Go to Catch Criminals


Washington: The newest to link the Pokemon Go trend is the US police department but for a thoughtful purpose — to find wanted criminals.

A column on Smithfield Police Department’s Facebook page of Virginia says Ditto, a purple color smiling blob of a Pokemon, is dangling out in the police station’s processing chamber.

A record of “random inhabitants suitable for this occasional opportunity” was also posted. The hook is that all the random inhabitants have unresolved warrants.

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The quirky post has a thoughtful purpose, told Sgt Bryan Miller, a guard sergeant and manager of the Smithfield police department Facebook page.

Initially, to engage with the public, and secondly to get some leads on persons wanted for charges extending from trespassing to grand larceny.

“I don’t have any idea it was operational to be this huge,” he was stated as saying by The Virginian-Pilot.

The extensively prevalent location-based improved veracity game Pokemon Go has been all the fury ever since the game’s introduction a couple of weeks before. Players make use of their smartphones generally to search for and capture cartoon persons on streets, in parks and even other places.

Miller understood about it as he was making to post a record of eight people who have unresolved warrants in Smithfield police station as of 12 July. Being a small city, Miller said it is luckily a short list.

“I have logic of humour,” told Miller, who also plays Pokemon Go. He also seen another police department had tried somewhat similar, Miller told.

This is not the major such case from the time when Pokemon Go was out.

Two weeks before, police in New Hampshire had done the same but with a Charizard — one more sought after Pokemon.

Though it is not likely any of the “lucky” few called in either post will really come forward, police have really caught a criminal cheers to Pokemon Go.

A guy in Detroit pedaled to his confined police station, which was also a gymnasium in the game, to play. Inappropriately for him, police department officers recognized him as somebody with an arrest license.


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