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US has sent nuclear-powered aircraft to Korean waters- North Korea threatens to destroy it with ‘single strike’


US President Trump reached out to leaders of Japan and China amid fears that North Korea might conduct another nuclear test.

Monday, South Korea said that it was in a talk about holding joint drills with a US aircraft carrier strike group. The Donald Trump, US President called and spoke to the leaders of Japan and China amid fears North Korea will be conducting another nuclear test.

US President has proclaimed that he is sending “an armada” to the Korean waters that which potentially to deal with threats from North Korea. Trump said that they are sending an armada, very powerful. And they also have submarines, very powerful. More powerful than the aircraft carrier. US defense officials said that the Vinson and its carrier group will arrive off the Korean Peninsula by the end of this month.

Solitary North Korea said that it was ready to sink the US aircraft carrier in which Trump had ordered the Korean peninsula as a warning to the North Korea. The state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun has said in a writing that the country is ready to illustrate its “military force” by dropping a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier with a single strike it stated. The paper also claimed that the country also have weaponries that “can reach continental US and Asia Pacific region” and also the “absolute weapon,” hydrogen bomb.

Japan also said in a statement that it had sent two Japanese destroyers to join with the carrier group that is led by the USS Carl Vinson, for drills. The conversation with Trump is described as “thorough exchange of views” by Abe. Abe said to reporters that they have agreed to demand strongly to North Korea, which is reiterating its provocation, show restraint. He said that they will maintain a close contact with the United States, keeping in as a high level of vigilance and respond firmly. Abe also said he and Trump agreed that China, North Korea’s should be as neighbour and sole major ally and should play a major role in dealing with Pyongyang.

In recent months the tensions have risen sharply with Washington and its allies fearing Pyongyang might conduct another nuclear missile test or expected to launch more of its ballistic missiles in defiance of United Nations sanctions.

As North Korea celebrates the 85th anniversary on Tuesday on the occupation of the foundation of its Korean People’s Army and has marked similar events in the past with nuclear tests or of with missile launches.

US Vice President Mike Pence on Saturday said that it would arrive “within days” but previously US government has not specified where the carrier strike group was.

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US has sent nuclear-powered aircraft to Korean waters- North Korea threatens to destroy it with ‘single strike’
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