Tuesday , July 17 2018

Microsoft Products Latest Upgrades


Microsoft weekly coloumn “Microsoft Monday” which gives the updates and information of the company, today here it has updated all the related info on the company regarding the company future plans as follows:

Windows 10 with new design changes

Microsoft always provides a different and unique kind of interface for its users, this time it provided a new graphical interface for windows10, however this new change in the interface Is not deployed by the Microsoft, it is the leaked one of the project NEON, the information is provided by Tom Hounsell through twitter, who is  the maker of a Windows build tracker website.

There are many changes in the Project NEON, the most significant changes are as follows

  • No windows Borders
  • Change in the color of taskbar
  • All the colors of taskbar icons have also changed

A New Feature with Cortana

Microsoft introduced a new feature with Cortana, this feature automatically notices whatever the action should be done in a specified amount of time like in your emails based on the information it contains,  it gives the remainder about that the work should be done.

For example, If your emails contain info about attending an interview, then the Cortana gives you a reminder before the interview time about “time to leave to interview”.  We all are human beings,  we have some situations which make us forget the things that we actually planned to do. This new feature of Microsoft notices the users with their events.

The Cortana reminder feature is already available in the U.S and sooner it will be added to Android and IOS. This feature is also applicable to Microsoft Office 365 work, Outlook.com, and school email Addresses and also provides services to others emails which will be coming soon.

New Version of Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft is planning to release the new version of Visual Studio which is visual studio 2017, on march 7th. On the same day, it is going to conduct a two-day online event celebrating the anniversary of the visual studio of 20 years. The new visual studio features will be shared by Scott Scott Hanselman, Miguel de Icaza,  Julia Liuson and Brian Harry. After that, there will be interactive sessions which will be used to know about the visual studio. Microsoft added that the Visual Studio 2017 will have modular installations, advanced debugging tools, built-in suite of Azure tools, refactoring and debugging, enhancements to code navigation and IntelliSense.

Microsoft Implement’s try and buy scheme

Microsoft introduced a new scheme “Try & Buy” for the purpose of the surface hub through resellers in Asia, North America, and Europe. The scheme starts from February 15th, which allows all the people who are interested in buying a surface can try it for 30 days before buying it.

The surface hub is available in two different context which is of 55-inch and 84-inch. The 55-inch  costs $8,999 and the 84-inch costs $21,999. It uses Windows 10 OS, as a custom version which is centered around the concerted environment which includes whiteboard software and video conferencing.

Features of surface hub:

  • 128GB SSD,
  • 8GB RAM,
  • 4th gen Intel Core i5 (55-inch)
  • i7 (84-inch) processors
  • HDMI/Display Port/VGA ports
  • two full HD front-facing cameras.

Microsoft and AT&T  invests in SnapRoute

SnapRoute is a startup networking one that has built a modular network operating system called as FlexSwitch and it is used by many technically giants like Facebook and HP. SnapRoute recently made a statement that it has raised $25 million in Series of funding and also said that, Microsoft and AT&T where their new investors.

One of the Microsoft ventures added that snap route is filling the gap that how network engineers should work nowadays by providing highly accessible networking stack, which helps to work more effectively.


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