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UK – Boyfriend Locks 18-yr-Old In room; Beats Her Up For 4 hours

The boy, who beat up his girlfriend for refusing not to bring cigarette for him, was sent to jail for 21 months.

An 18-year-old girl was locked up in a room and beaten up by her boyfriend for four hours.

Glasgow: A young boy was sent to jail for 21 months for locking an 18-year-old girlfriend in a room and was beating her up for four hours after she refused to get him the cigarette.

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According to the report, the convict, James McCourt, pleaded guilty to assaulting her & “detaining her against her will.” McCourt has admitted to the assaulting her in the past as well.

The incident took place on June 5 at the victim, Kelsie Skillen, & McCourt’s flat in Milton, Glasgow, Scotland.

They had returned home after a night out and the McCourt found that they had left his jacket, in which he had kept the cigarettes, behind.

He blamed Skillen for forgetting to get the jacket & has started hitting her. He then locked her up in a room, hide her phone & keys, and told her, “You’re going to have an injured face tomorrow so I better do it right.”

Skillen recalled the violence and said that the McCourt told her, “I don’t care if I go to jail as long as you’re dead.” The beating continued for an about four hours until McCourt left the room of their flat in Milton, Glasgow.

As soon as he went outside of the room, Skillen called her mother who informed the police about the incident. Police found the girl with the several bruises on her face.

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UK – Boyfriend Locks 18-yr-Old In room; Beats Her Up For 4 hours
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